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WaysionHD provides 1.8"-21.5" LED monitors to meet the different needs of worldwide clients for consumer and professional fields application.

About us

Focus on Mobile HD Display Solutions WaysionHD is a department of Waysion Technology, which focus on mobile monitors and video distribution solutions since 2003. From small LCD monitor/TV to big size broadcast field monitors, we released much models to the market worldwide. Having several years of research and development on mobile display solutions for personal, in-vehicle and industrial fields, we have accumulated fruitful experience in hardware design and manufacturing, and already served for many remarkable companies who are the leaders of these industries in their countries.

We have more than 30 engineers, and overseas representatives in the US, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong are ready to provide professional and efficient business consultant and technical support, as well as to customized your own product systems.

More than 14 Years of Professional Experience We started R&D, manufacturing and sales of embedded devices in 2003 and we have accumulated abundant project experiences in this field.

As a one-stop solution provider, including R&D, tooling, plastic injection and assembly, if you cooperate with us, money will be saved, time to market will be shortened and your business goals will be realized more efficiently.

With Strong R&D Capability There is a professional R&D team with 30 engineers which are devoted to development various products. Meanwhile, we have knowledge for various application environments after several years’ projects with our customers in different fields, which can assure the controllable development period.

Comprehensive Production Capability We have a factory with tooling, plastic injection and assembly lines, and also two contractual EMS partners. The annual output is over 100,000 units and the value is over $10 million. We have accumulated abundant production experience in embedded devices. We can get new model into production fast after development and make sure the quality is reliable.

Fast Response Service Our company has several years of production and sales experience, and we can provide fast response service to customers. We treat customers’ inquiries positively and probably. We have lots of old customers with many years of consecutive projects cooperation. We believe that our service capability can make you relaxed for such project development. Meanwhile, our representatives in the US, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong are ready to provide professional and efficient business consultant and technical support to you, too.

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